Venue Hire

Need a space for your next work event? Need a venue for a social event, or somewhere with enough space for the chikdren to run around at a party? Perhaps you are rehearsing a dance show, or need somewhere to practice an act. Well, here we are.

You can hire our venue in it’s complete form, for less than you might expect. For £30 per hour, you can have full, private access to our large hall space, including full length mirrors, sound system, tables, chairs and much more.

Drop us an e-mail with what you’re after, and we’ll see what we can do!

Room Details
Length: 12 Meters – Width: 8 Meters – Height: 10 Meters (Apex roof)
Music system, mirrors, tables, chairs, mats… and quite a bit more!
The building unfortunately does not have toilets but the main all saints centre building on site does.
Room Capacity: 200