Residency Space

Residency Space


Our company is built upon connections. Throughout everything we do, we share circus to empower the people we work with. This extends fully to the artists of our community.

We have created an opportunity for professional and aspiring artists and circus performers to use our space in a residency exchange format. Essentially, you can use the full potential of our facilities to the extent that you wish to create new performance work, in exchange for the sharing of your skills with our communities.

Perhaps you’re an actor who’d like to develop an act for a festival, undisturbed. Why not use CircusMASH as a home to do so! And in exchange, we could use your skills for compering an event or workshop!

Or maybe you’re a local dance team who needs a large space and plenty of mirrors to finish a show piece. Come and use our space to do so, in exchange for a movement workshop with our Birmingham Youth Circus Company!

In this way, we can continue to build opportunities for developing artists in the Midlands, while contributing to our communities through the sharing of specialist skill.

Interested? Drop us an e-mail outlining your ideas and what you would like to offer!