Team Building

Why run away and join the circus for a team building event, when the circus can come to you?!  Let CircusMASH bring our portable circus to your next team building event. We will recapture the nostalgia everyone has as a child of the big top and create a bespoke programme to focus on tasks and skills that relate to day to day problem solving. Our programmes focus on team work, trust, respect, hard work and positive attitude, all of which will help create a unique atmosphere for your team building day to excite your staff and get them using their brain and body together in sync. Your breath will be taken away when you see what your team member can accomplish in a short span of time and how that will translate into a positive approach to every day work. This is a unique experience that will bring your team together like they have never been together before, challenging them to work together to create a spectacular display of circus delight!
This type of Team Building Programme is suitable for all abilities, both physically and mentally. CircusMASH will tailor a programme to suit the individual needs of your team members which can work with ground based skills or aerial skills off the ground. For more information please email