Open Level Juggling Workshop

Come and learn to juggle with us! This open level juggling workshop welcomes everybody – no matter if you want to learn the basic three ball juggling, or get started on clubs, rings, or diabolo. Perhaps you would like to improve your technique, or even learn how to tackle 4 balls! The class will be taught in a friendly and relaxed environment and each participant will learn the right tips and tricks to boost your personal progress.
Juggling is a fun and challenging activity that enhances concentration and body awareness. Focusing your mind on this intriguing activity you will be able to switch off daily stresses and simply enjoy a moment of presence, fun, challenge and curiosity.
In fact, recent studies of Neuroscience have found that learning basic 3 ball juggling results in an increase of brain matter, which is due to a whole network of new connections made between the left and the right hemisphere of the brain – fascinating stuff! With those faster connections being made, who knows where it could lead you!
This workshop will be lead by the amazing Doreen Grossmann ( Doreen is a professional juggler with over 10 years of experience, touring the world with famed company ‘Gandini Juggling troupe. Book today!
When: Friday 2nd February     6-8pm
Price: £18
Places: min. 5, max. 12
Registration: 12 spaces available…and places are filling up fast so book ASAP to avoid disappointment! Please email for more information or to book your space.