ommunity circus in Birmingham is rapidly building and we are thrilled to see every day more and more people getting involved with the wide range of circus skills that we offer, becoming part of our CircusMASH family. We offer professional training in aerial/circus arts and a wide variety of youth circus & adult circus programmes. We are making circus in Birmingham happen, so keep your eyes peeled and you’ll see us out and about offering lots of workshops and encouraging you to come and get involved! Maybe you want us you to come along to your event? Then we’d be super excited that you are helping us out on our mission. Circus in Birmingham up until now has been very hard to come by! Hop in and join us… 

Classic Circus Workshop. Indoor or Outdoor.
The classic circus workshop is suitable for community events that just need a little sprinkling of circus  activities. Get your simple circus on!

Workshop & Performance. Indoor & Outdoor
Great for small or large festivals. As well as circus workshops, you will also get a series of performances, too. Be dazzled, be wowed, be amazed… and give it ago for yourself!

Circus Takeover!
Well, you just won’t have seen anything like this before! We are just saying… This incredible circus takeover extravaganza will leave you breathless!

Circus in the Park. Outdoors.
Specially designed for parks and benches, we will bring you circus skill workshops and professional demonstrations on aerial and ground apparatus.  You just won’t believe what you see hanging from the trees!